Thanksgiving Turkey – Bourbon Red


$20 to reserve your turkey for Thanksgiving. Final price is $10 per pound, weighed out at pickup.

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Now is your chance to reserve the best tasting turkey you’ve ever had!  Bourbon Reds are a true American breed, created in the deep south in the late 1800’s for a superior flavor to commercial turkey.  Slow Foods lists them on their Ark of Taste for their richly flavorful meat.  We raise our turkeys on pasture their whole lives with daily moves onto fresh grass.  These birds are fantastic foragers and take full advantage of the grass, bugs and sun. Their supplemental feed is fresh, high quality, certified GMO free feed from local Amish.

Turkeys require about 4-5 days at 45 degrees to properly cure before cooking.  We butcher the weekend before so they have the perfect amount of time in your fridge to cure.  And you get fresh turkey that’s never been frozen!  Fresh turkey take a brine very well, so this is a great opportunity to brine your bird.  A brine adds flavor, salt, and moisture to the turkey on your plate.

Martha Stewart has a good guide for cooking Bourbon Red Turkeys here.

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Tom 13-20 lbs, Hen 6-10 lbs, Pickup, 12.29 lbs, 13.86 lbs, 14.01 lbs, 14.06 lbs


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