Event Calendar


Turkey Butchering Class

Date: Nov 18th

Time: 9-11 am

Length: 2 hours of instruction butchering 1 chicken or turkey followed by optional time to practice butchering more

Price: 18+ $60 per person; $100 per couple
Children participation in class $20

In this class you will get hands-on experience on how to butcher the old fashioned way.

Thanksgiving Open House

Date: Nov 19th

Time: 9-11 am

It’s our Annual Thanksgiving Open House!

We will have vendors, meal preparation supplies, veggies, fresh turkey herbs, other meats, pies, flowers, and the very special, rarely talked about, you know it if you know it, Brahma chicken!  No pre-orders for these special birds, first come first serve, and only 10 available this year. 

Pre-order almost everything else to be sure you get what you need for your meal prep, limited quantities available from all local farms!



Come stay in the tranquil beauty of the Maryland countryside, conveniently located just 10 minutes from the heart of Westminster. Here you can cuddle with the cows, hang out with the hogs, and chill with the chickens. A family-run, working small farm, built in the 1800s, we are dedicated to improving the land, soil, plants, and wildlife, through Regenerative Agriculture with all-natural, chemical, hormone, anti-biotic, and GMO-free methods. We raise and breed Rare Heritage Livestock in a conservation program to keep these genetic lines alive and diverse. Several of our breeds are listed on the Slow Foods Ark of Taste. Our farm practices invite loads of wildlife, including herons, fox, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, deer, bald eagles, red-tailed hawk, and more.