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Interested in learning how to butcher your own chicken? Want to raise meat chicken, or humanely butcher your old laying hens to make incredibly tasty and healthy chicken soup and stock? Our poultry butchering class can help!

In this class you will get hands-on experience on how to butcher the old fashioned way, which is still recognized as one of the most humane and healthiest ways of poultry butchering. This is the way that Kosher and Halal butcher.  Once you have this skill, you will be able to raise meat birds for your family, make the best chicken soup ever from your old hens, and gain more food independence for the years to come. And you get to take your chicken home and eat the first chicken you processed yourself!

You will learn about what it takes to raise a meat chicken in a free range environment in your back yard.

We’ll take you on a pasture walk to see what we raise our birds in, and how and what we feed them and why.

Safe food handling practices.

How to conduct a humane Poultry Butchering such as a chicken.

How to eviscerate (gut) a chicken.

How to look for illnesses in your bird’s post-mortem, and how to bag and freeze your chicken.

Date: June 22nd at Redemption Springs
Time: 9am-12am
Length: 45 min pasture walk, 2 hours of instruction butchering a chicken.

Ticket price includes the 1 chicken you processed you get to take home!

Children under 16 are welcome to come and observe, but if they want to butcher their own they will need a ticket as there is limited space at the poultry butchering table.

Interested in raising your own meat chicken?  We can help with Day Old Chicks and Chick Feed and Grower Feed.  All GMO free with Soy Free options.

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