Come on farm camping in the tranquil beauty of the Maryland countryside, conveniently located in Finksburg MD just 10 minutes from the heart of Westminster MD. Here you can cuddle with the cows, hang out with the hogs, and chill with the chickens. Meanwhile, we’re a family-run, working small farm, built in the 1800s, we are dedicated to improving the land, soil, plants, and wildlife, through Regenerative Agriculture with all-natural, chemical, hormone, anti-biotic, and GMO-free methods. Moreover, camping with us will be an interesting experience as we raise and breed Rare Heritage Livestock- in a conservation program to keep these genetic lines alive and diverse. Several of our breeds are listed on the Slow Foods Ark of Taste. Our farm practices invite loads of wildlife, including herons, fox, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, deer, bald eagles, red-tailed hawk, and more.

Your Spot

While at Redemption Springs for on farm camping, you will be parked on a level grass parking spot behind the carriage house.  In this private spot, you will not see any other campers or other farm customers.  Also., water and 20 AMP electric are provided as part of your daily fee. 

Meanwhile, you will have a beautiful pastoral view with whoever is being rotated through that pasture at the time.  Chickens, Turkeys or Cows may be your neighbors on any given day.  Free roaming chickens (and friendly barn cats) will come greet you and hang out with you.


On Farm Camping Food

Likewise, don’t pack too much food as we’ve got you covered!  All of our animals are raised on pasture, no hormones, no antibiotics, no GMOs, or anything else you don’t want in your body!  Only all natural foods here.

We offer:

  • 100% Grass Fed/Finished Gourmet Beef from our Rare Heritage Red Devon Cattle. Steaks, Roasts, Ribs, Burgers and more!
  • Rare Heritage Pork.  Chops, Breakfast and Dinner Sausages, Ribs, Ham Steaks and more!
  • Rare Heritage and Traditional Chicken.  Whole, Breast, Wings, Legs, Tenders, Backs, Feet and Organs all available.
  • Truly Free Range Eggs with orange yolks and whites that stand up tall.
  • Dehydrated Pet treats made from our own animals.
  • Whole Milk, Cheese, Yogurt Smoothies, Butter, Vegetables, Local Honey, USDA Organic Coffee, Kombucha, and Microgreens all from local partner farms that share our outlook on farming and produce high quality products.

Things to do during on farm camping

Some of the things you can do at Redemption Springs during on farm camping include: Walk around the farm, watch the livestock, and the wildlife.  Also, we have a stream area with a Blue Heron that frequents its banks, and a family of very vocal Red-Tailed Hawks makes the trees their home. Besides, many deer graze the fields in the dusk and dawn, rabbits, groundhogs, foxes, and more can be seen from time to time.  Plenty of varieties of birds make the farm their home as well.

Take a tour with us!

For $20 for the whole family we’ll give you an hour tour to meet the animals!  Snuggle a chicken, pet a cow, gobble at a turkey.  We’ll tell you about our farming practices and why it matters to your health and the health of the earth. Kids love meeting animals and adults will learn a thing or two!

However, you can also swim in our pool! We have a 30,000 gallon salt water pool, 12 foot deep end, diving board, toys, lounge chairs, relaxation rafts, basketball net, lounge chairs, table and umbrella, all available for your enjoyment. $10/hr per person, or $30/hr family rate, or $100 for unlimited access through your whole stay up to one week. A waiver must be signed before entering the pool area.

Westminister MD has plenty to do if you want to get out and about. Museums, restaurants, hiking, parks, ice cream, wineries and more.

Please Read!

The parking spot is large, but the entrance to the farm is somewhat narrow any rig over 35 feet should not attempt to come in.

In addition, all Campers MUST be self-contained!  No pop-ups, tents, or other types that do not have internal toilets, internal tanks, and internal cooking facilities.

Campers must stay out of all buildings for safety and liability. This is a working farm with dangerous equipment!

Similarly, Redemption Springs is not a campground so take care not to disturb us, the animals, or our neighbors. Be sure to stop any noise, music, and generators by 9 PM.

Electric is included in the cost, so please refrain from running your generator.  Enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature! We understand that some appliances such as coffee makers need extra juice, and you’ll need to run your generator for a few minutes here and there, and that’s fine.