Soup Bones


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An easy hack to make the perfect soup is to put the bone in to it, there is no serious stock recipe that doesn’t include bones in its ingredients, it gives it the right consistency and the perfect flavor.

The comfort of a hot soup in a cold day warms both body and soul, with these bones and a good recipe you’ll have the taste of home in every spoon.

Try them in Sonora Pinta Soup!

Rare Breed Heritage give exceptional conditions to the beef from Redemption Springs, raised in optimal environment and with the best feeds, make an excellent case for best ingredients resulting in the best foods.

Rich in protein, bones give a great nutritional asset to your soup and its marrow brings the right consistency as well, all of this for an affordable price, these bones can be a recipe booster for your everyday cooking to turn your daily soups into a Gourmet restaurant grade dish with a simple extra ingredient.

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