Stock up and get ready to taste the best chunky loaded beef stew you’ve tasted. They say that the best ingredients make the best recipes, and beef soup meat lives up for the expectations, close to bone and fatty meats give great textures to your soup, giving the right amount of fats for your soups and the delicious taste you’ve expect from a great beef stew.

The comfort of a hot soup in a cold day warms both body and soul, with these chunks of meat and a good recipe you’ll remember home from the first spoon.

Protein filled and rich in potassium, this is the perfect election for a chunky beefy soup with generous cut vegetables.

Rare Breed Heritage give exceptional conditions to the beef from Redemption Springs, raised in optimal environment and with the best feeds, make an excellent case for best ingredients resulting in the best foods.

From our Rare Heritage Red Devon Cattle, these ancient genetics and calm demeanor make the best 100% grass fed beef you have ever tasted!

6 servings / 1 hour / easy



  • In a bowl, hydrate beans overnight.
  • Turn heat to high and fill a pot with the water, beef, bones, onion, garlic and chili, and bring to boil (about 45 minutes).
  • Skim the foam out of the surface of the pot until it gets clear again.
  • Add corn and beans boil until the corn opens (about 45 minutes)
  • Add the coriander and cook soup for 10 more minutes.


Serve soup with options of chopped fresh parsley, chopped white onions chili flakes and corn tortillas.