Silkie Layer Feed 22%


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Feeding your Silkie chickens with our meticulously crafted layer feed presents a multitude of benefits, ensuring their health, productivity, and overall well-being. Our certified GMO-free feed, boasting a 22% protein content, is the result of a carefully curated formula developed by Fertrell, utilizing their premium products and expertise.

Certified GMO-free layer feed is crucial for the well-being of your Silkies, offering a natural, unaltered diet that aligns with their dietary needs and minimizes potential sensitivities. The higher protein content (22%) in our feed provides an optimal balance essential for the growth, feather development, and prolific egg production that Silkies are known for.

Freshness is our commitment. We purchase the feed freshly ground and ensure it’s utilized within 30 days. This dedication to freshness guarantees maximum nutrient retention, preserving vitamins, minerals, and proteins essential for your birds’ health. Freshly ground feed is easier to digest, promoting better nutrient absorption and reducing digestive disturbances.

Our Silkie layer feed’s formulation, designed by Fertrell, reflects expertise and quality. With ingredients primarily sourced from local Amish and Mennonite farms, it promotes sustainability and supports local agriculture. Our collaboration with a local family-run grainery ensures a personalized touch, with each batch expertly crafted to meet the needs of your Silkies.

For your convenience, we sell our Silkie layer feed per pound, encouraging sustainability by allowing customers to bring their containers for purchase. Additionally, we offer Food Grade Feed Buckets that can be swapped for a full bucket at each purchase, providing ease and convenience for our customers.  One bucket holds about 30 lbs of feed.

By choosing our specialized feed, you’re investing in the well-being of your Silkie chickens. It supports their immune system, feather health, and egg-laying capabilities, ensuring they thrive in a manner that reflects their natural vitality. Our commitment to quality, freshness, and local sourcing ensures your Silkies receive the best, promoting their health and longevity.


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