Food Grade Bucket


1 Bucket


We are now offering food grade buckets with locking lids that will hold 25- 30 lbs of feed or other products!

The special thing about our buckets, is when you purchase one, you get to “Take a Bucket, Leave a Bucket!” No more pouring from our bucket to yours, just leave your empty bucket, and grab a full bucket!

The second benefit is you’ll never have to buy a new bucket!  As your bucket wears out from normal wear and tear, we’ll replace it for free.

The locking, sealed lids will keep your feed dry even if left out in the rain.

Use this bucket to purchase any of our bulk feeds, SHOP HERE!

CAVEAT: You must use our Food Grade Buckets for our feed in order to get the free replacement.  We are not in the business of selling buckets, we are trying to better support our customers and make caring for your chickens easier.


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