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All Natural Bath Soaps with ingredients you recognize. Many scentless options. Coming from our own Burket’s Bees who produce our local honey.

Regis and Patty are retired from the corporate world. Regis from Commercial Aviation and Patty from newborn nursery at a major Hospital as an RN. Having been active people all through our careers we knew to be healthy in retirement we had to remain active. This led us into the new endeavors of producing honey as beekeepers and more recently into soap making. To take this healthy approach a step further we realized not only eating healthy was important so was what we apply to our bodies. With this in mind we create all of our soap recipes with 100% Natural ingredients many can recognize and find in most kitchens. New soaps coming in the future – Pine Tar soap , Jewelweed soap, Aloe Vera soap, Liquid hand soap… in addition some new scents/100% natural essential oils will be added to some existing soaps as an option. Currently Summer Breeze is the only soap that is scented – Any feedback or comments are appreciated – Thank you

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Indigo, Whippin' Cream, Summer Breeze, Avoine Rose, Cucumber Delight, Le Cafe, Honey Spice, Cocoa Banana


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