Turkey Feed 20-28%




Complete feed for all Turkeys of all ages.  Just tell us the age of your turkeys, and we’ll mix the proteins accordingly, and adjust the final price.
Sold bulk, per pound, bring your own container.

High Performance feed is 20% – 28% Protein. The extra proteins are from high quality fish meal, a much higher quality protein that just soy.  The amino acids gained in this feed are critical for optimum chicken health, and almost completely lacking in most feeds because of the cost, and labeling law does not require amino acids to be listed.  This feed is a Fertrell formula.

Price of feed decreases with age.
Heritage Turkeys:
Week 1-6 – 28% Protein – $0.61/lb
Week 7-12 – 24% Protein – $0.54/lb
13 weeks plus – 20% Protein – $0.48/lb – (This is our High Protein Grower feed, please purchase that instead)

Broad Breasted White Turkeys (Commercial meat turkeys)
Week 1-6 - 26% Protein - $0.58/lb
Week 7-12 - 22% Protein - $0.51/lb
13 weeks plus - 20% Protein - $0.48/lb - (This is our High Protein Grower feed, please purchase that instead)

All feeds we use and sell on the farm are NON-GMO Project Certified.

Our feed is ground fresh the day we pick it up and only enough for a month on the farm. This is extremely important to the health of the animal as after 30 days grain starts to oxidize and lose nutrients. Most bagged feeds at the store are 90 days old as soon as they are put on the shelf because of the logistical chain.

We purchase in bulk from a local grainery the purchases from Local Amish Farms.  This is an extremely short distribution chain, uses no small bags, and we encourage customers to use reusable containers like buckets or trash cans. Because of all of this, our Carbon Footprint is extremely small, all the money stays local, and we are not subject to larger distribution chain problems like we saw in 2021.

Use our Food Grade Feed Buckets for easy “Take a Bucket, Leave a Bucket” swapping program.  Just leave your empty bucket and take a full bucket!  One bucket holds about 30 lbs of feed.


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