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Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, mechanical insecticide that is an excellent alternative to conventional chemicals. Diatomaceous Earth for poultry is used to control mites and other external parasites. Use by itself or mixed with sand or dirt for the chickens to take dust baths in.  Can be spread on the floor of coops or roost bars, or anywhere mites might hide or travel.

It is safe for the chickens to touch, bath in, and even eat.

Diatomaceous Earth is a good way to control ants, bedbugs, box elder bugs, carpet beetles, centipedes, crickets, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, grasshoppers, millipedes, slugs and silverfish.

Perma-Guard is 100% Diatomaceous Earth. It does not contain fillers or baits. The crystalline silica content is less than one half of one percent.

This product is a ready-to-use insecticide which provides effective pest control against crawling insects. It is a mechanical insect killer. Insects cannot become immune to its action. Insects come in contact or ingest this powder and die within 48 hours. This product is for use in and around residential, commercial and agricultural buildings, structures and their immediate surroundings, in and around food/feed handling establishments, in and around livestock and poultry houses and may be applied over the top while animals are present, on crops, and stored grain.


Diatomaceous Earth is composed of finely milled fossilized shells of microscopic organisms called diatoms. Diatomaceous Earth is a light dust that clings easily to the bodies of insects as they walk or crawl over it. Unlike boric acid dusts that work best when ingested, Crawling Insect Control only requires contact with the insect to be effective. It absorbs the waxy cuticle surrounding the insect, causing the insect to dehydrate and die. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, mechanical insecticide that is an excellent alternative to conventional chemicals.

Diatomaceous Earth can also have a very good long term residual effect when applied to cracks and crevices. This long term protection and control of insects can be achieved due to Diatomaceous Earth controlling insects by physical means, not chemical, and therefore denying them the ability to build up a resistance to it in future generations.


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