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In 1986, Allan Baugher designed and built the fresh cider mill at Baugher’s Orchard.  The mill was built in a three story building, using natural gravity to move the product after the apples have been transported on a conveyor to the top floor.  This process is more efficient and saves on energy usage.

We use a special blend of sweet & tart apples, all harvested from our trees, right here in Carroll County, MD. The apples are picked at their peak ripeness for flavor and brought into our packing house, where they are washed & sorted.  The apples are then selected by variety, with a mixture of sweet & tart apple flavors to develop a full bodied taste.  

The mixture of apples are chopped by a grinder and pressed to extract the delicious juice.  Then, the juice is stored in large stainless steel tanks, chilled to 35 degrees and left set to “develop flavor” overnight. 


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