Multi-Farm Multi-Product Community Supported Agriculture

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture is an initiative whereby you make a commitment to support a farm, and in return you get a season long abundance of fresh, healthy, tasty food!  However, you get food security for your family, and financial security for us, your local farm, to keep doing what we do best!

  • Guaranteed food for your family all season
  • Discount off of retail
  • You choose your weekly box

Keep reading to learn about the rewards CSA brings to our whole community…

How does our Community Supported Agriculture work?

We use a point system to let you choose your weekly CSA “box”.  So how many points do you need for a week?

1 Point will get you 1 pack of most meats. Its worth $10 and with that point you can reserve anything in a $8-$13 range. More points can be used to reserve a higher priced pack of meat such as steaks or a whole chicken and such.  Add-on points are typically worth one of that item, one egg, one cheese, ect.  So how much does your family eat in a week? If you will eat 3 pounds of meat and 2 dozen eggs per week, just pick 3 meat and 2 egg points!

Use your points to pick out what you want each week. You can order more or less each week, or even skip a week.  Just use your total points as you need too throughout the season. You’re in control!

What happens if I buy too many points? Any unused points are given back to you as a FULL CREDIT towards the next season, so you’ll never lose them!

What happens if I buy too few points? You can buy more points at any time!

By purchasing a CSA, you get guaranteed food all season at less cost, and you get to pick what you want!  Click below and “test shop” see how many points you might want.  Remember, options will change as the season changes!

Eat healthy as a Community Supported Member.

Are your kids healthy eaters? When I became a mom, I felt one of my jobs was to teach my kids healthy eating habits from an early age. No soda or juice. No processed food. Lots of veggies. Clean meats. Likewise, our kids will often walk outside and pick a vegetable from the garden and eat it raw. They cook their own eggs and comment how much better they taste than food at school or other houses. 

Meanwhile, I’ve seen our CSA farm members experience the same success with their own kids. Healthy eating habits start at a young age! Surround your kids with all kinds of clean foods. It is a gift you are giving them.

Sign up now for a CSA full of healthy local farm products!

Try new varieties of food.

Check out this comment from one of our Community Supported Agriculture Member,  Erin. “Thanks for sending such a cool variety of meat and cheese in our pickups. We’ve really enjoyed trying some new things.  I never would have tried grilling a bone-in pork roast if you hadn’t sent us one, but my kids wolfed it down and asked for seconds!”

Similarly, I love how our farm’s CSA membership helps you learn how to try new things in the kitchen. Every week you get many options to pick from.  Wanna add a little adventure in your cooking?…

Sign up now as a Community Supported Agriculture member full of adventure!

Fresh, high-quality, superior tasting meats.

We put these into our Community Supported Agriculture farm members’ boxes this last year… Pork Chops are NOT the other white meat, real pork is a healthy dark pink. And apparently they like it! Here’s comments I got: ”Pork chops we grilled were hands down the best I’ve ever tasted.” and “I used to be a vegetarian till my husband cooked that first meal!” 

In fact, thank you, Matt and Kayla! Our meats taste better because of the breeds we raise, the food they eat, and because they are treated beyond humanely. We’re glad you approve! And we’re excited to hear you’re eating well! 

Sign up now for a CSA full of tasty local farm products!

Support a local business.

Is supporting a local farmer important to you? We are Farmers Seth and Stephanie, and one of our favorite parts of farming is getting to hear how much everyone enjoys our products. So many of these customers are now our friends, and we’re grateful for each of them choosing to support our local business. 

Certainly, when you become a Community Supported Agriculture member of our farm, not only will you get a weekly taste of the freshest, tastiest food from local farms, you’ll also be a part of something bigger — creating a secure local food network for our small town community. We support other local business, and we invite you to join in by becoming a member of our CSA!  Let us be your farmer. 

Join in now!

Know your farmer and where your food comes from.

We understand what it feels like to want to look your farmer in the eye and know where your food comes from. In addition, we know you value quality ingredients that will make your home cuisine shine.

Basically, our farm is more than just a place to get superior tasting food. It’s a place where you become a part of the local food movement that is reconnecting our community. Check out our Partner Farms to see where your food is coming from!

Join our multi-farm CSA now!

Care about your local environment and how your food is raised.

We go through a lot of extra steps to keep our farm all natural, get the pastures healthier, and the flocks and herds stronger every year. Why? Because we’re raising 3 young kids, and we care about what they eat.

SSSHHHH….Don’t tell anyone, but here are the secrets to our great-tasting products.

  • We focus on building our soil.
  • We focus on superior genetics
  • We focus on beyond humane treatment.
  • Not only that, but we take our role as stewards of the land, rare breeds and our specific animals VERY seriously.

Moreover, when you join our farm, you’ll be part of supporting the growth and future of our local environment and your families’ health.

No shortcuts. Become part of your home’s future!

Learn More!

Learn about our Partners

We support other local farms that share our values! You can find their products in our farm store, online store, and CSA program!

Looking for Wholesale?

Fill your freezer with bulk meats!  Whole, Half, and Quarter beef, Whole or Half Pork, and whole chicken all seasonally available!

Learn how we Farm

What are our values and how do we stewart our land and animals?

What is Rare Heritage Livestock?

Want to help endangered animals but also like your meat? You can do both! Help these breeds, improve the environment, and eat clean, healthy and delicious!

Happy Customers & Buyers

I happen to be a retired butcher and the meat I purchased from Seth and Stephanie was the most delicious I’ve ever had. – Nicholas D

Must say they sure are doing it right! The steak and pork chops are gone already! – Jamison L

One of the best the tasting team has ever tasted. We taste a lot and that’s a high bar. – MeatCrafters Artisan Butcher

Farmer Seth does a fantastic job. My whole family is enjoying his meat, eggs and milk. With the current food supply crisis and shortages, it feels good to know we have a supply of healthy, farm-fresh grass-fed meat available.  We do NOT miss the high prices at the grocery store and questionable factory-farmed meat. I highly checking out Farmer Seth’s CSA program.” – Ryan M., Westminster MD

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