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How does the CSA Work?

You purchase a “bucket” of points that you use every week.  What is 1 Point worth?

1 Point will get you 1 pack of most meats. Its worth $10 and with that point you can reserve anything in a $8-$13 range. More points can be used to reserve a higher priced pack of meat such as steaks or a whole chicken and such.

Add-on points are typically worth one of that item, one egg, one cheese, ect.

So how much does your family eat in a week? If you will eat 3 pounds of meat and 2 dozen eggs per week, just pick 3 meat and 2 egg points!

Use these points to pick out what you want each week. You can order more or less each week, or even skip a week, bank your points, and use your total points as you need too. You’re in control!
You may be frugal and get more pounds per point, or go all out and get high dollar cuts like steak!

Take some time and look through the various CSA categories here to get a feel for what you can do with your points.

By purchasing a CSA, you get guaranteed food all season at a cheaper cost, and you get to pick what you want!

Examples of how points can be used:

1 Point can be used for 1 lb of Ground Beef; or 1 lb of Breakfast, Sweet Italian, or Kielbasa Sausage; or 2 Pork Chops; or Chicken Wings, Thighs, or Drumsticks; etc.

2 Points can be used for 1 Rib Eye, Sirloin, or NY Strip Steak; or 1 Whole Chicken; etc.

1 Drink point can be used for 1 Gallon of White Milk; 2 Pints of Chocolate Milk or Yogurts; 1 Kombucha.

Weekly Pickup is at Redemption Springs, Saturday’s 9-11am.

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