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Voila is a personal and customer favorite! Our signature blend of black tea that started it all! Fashioned from flavors recalled on that fateful trip to Paris (when I decided to quit my job and start my tea journey), this tea was a three-year development before we got it to perfection! We start with a blend of black teas from China and Ceylon and blend with bergamot, cranberry, currant and notes of caramel. Enjoy this hot or iced!!!! Sip, sit back and escape!

Ingredients: Black Tea (China, Ceylon), cranberry slices, flavor (bergamot, currant, cranberry and caramel).

All Organic Ingredients:  Purple Tulsi, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Clove.

How to brew Voila:
212 Degrees F
5 to 7 minutes
1 tsp per cup

Blended by Voila! Special Teas of Downtown Frederick.

Entering into our 14th year of celebrating the many flavors and joys of Tea, Voila Special Teas is the Premier Teashop of Historic Downtown Frederick.

Our journey started while on vacation in Paris.  While enjoying a lucrative career in technology, Mary Jean’s passion was Tea.  After stumbling into many world famous tea shops in Paris and sitting in a French cafe (drinking tea), she had a “Voila!” moment and decided to immerse herself in tea, leave her lucrative occupation and share the great varieties available to like-minded people.

Her mission was simple – find the best, most flavorful teas in every category.  She traveled and tasted over 3,000 teas before opening, eliminating artificial flavors or importers with unscrupulous practices.

With her husband Mike, she now represents over 350 varieties of Loose-leaf Teas, Herbal & Fruit Tisanes as well as Rooibos, Honeybush & Yerba Mate blends.  From Traditional to Flavored to Organic, there is something for everyone at Voila Special Teas!


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