Best Feeds for the Best Meat Quality

There’s a saying that goes thus: “You are what you eat”. You might think it works for humans alone but no. It’s also the same for animals – best feeds for the best meat quality.

As consumers of our own products, and raising a young family among all the health issues of the past decades, we have committed to living as close to an all natural environment as possible. In the house and on the farm, we use natural products and practices for cleaning and healthy living.

Our Best Feeds

One of the very few things we bring on the farm is grain feed for chickens, turkeys, and hogs.  We’ve found the best feed locally available.

This feed is sourced from local farms including many Amish farms and is Certified GMO Free.

The formula (think recipe) was designed by Fertrell, an all natural feed and soil health company.  Their formulas are the most natural, most complete feeds, using the best available ingredients available on the market: whereas most feeds on the shelf cut corners and use subpar ingredients.

The granary grinds and mixes our feeds the day we pick up/deliver.  We only order enough for one month.  Most feeds at your local store are 90 days old when they are put on the shelf.  The freshness of our feeds has a huge impact on the health of our animals and the taste of the end product.

All of our animals are on grass, Free Range, though the whole growing season.  (Including Hogs as of 2022!)  This grass based diet with supplement feed increases Omega-3s in meat and eggs.  Some studies show grass based products having as much as 50% more grams of Omega-3s as animals with wholly grain based diets.

Our cattle are 100% grass fed, grass finished.  This means they truly do not eat any grain their entire lives.  We use alfalfa as treats and pumpkins as fall treats/natural dewormers.

Because of the grass based diet of our animals, and the high quality of their supplemental feeds, the end product is the best taste you can find.

Three Decade Study on the health benefits of 100% grass fed beef

Truly, we make use of the best feeds for the best meat quality here in Redemption Springs. Next read about how the Best Environment makes for the Best Taste!