Yellow Oyster


1 Pint



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These mushrooms have a fruity, earthy aroma, with a crisp velvety texture. They are more delicate than their grey oyster counterparts, but the stems still hold up well in soups and sauces if you’re looking for a hearty bite. Their golden yellow will add a splash of color to your meal.

Yellow Oyster Mushrooms are grown straw on Honeymoon farm in Oxford, PA. From our farm right to your market, you can guarantee your mushrooms are fresh. No winding path from farm to packing room to warehouse to distribution hub to grocery store – right from us to you.

At a glance:

  • 1 pint mushrooms (about 0.5 lbs) in a paper bag for freshness
  • Fruity, earthy flavor, crisp texture
  • Pull apart or chop, add to soups, marinade with meat for increased tenderness of the meat, also great in stir fries.
  • For best results, use within 5 days of purchase

Cooking Tips:

Used in a meat marinade, oyster mushrooms can keep your meat tender during cooking, and add a wonderful flavor and texture once cooked. Try adding them to soups, as their firm texture makes a great meat substitute and adds a hint of sweetness and earthiness.


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