Quail Layer Feed 20%


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Feeding your Quail with our specialized Quail Layer feed ensures optimal health, productivity, and well-being. Our certified GMO-free feed, boasting a 20% protein content, is meticulously crafted following a formula developed by Fertrell, utilizing their premium products and expertise.

Certified GMO-free feed is essential for Quail layers, providing a natural, wholesome diet that minimizes potential sensitivities and aligns with their nutritional requirements. The balanced 20% protein content in our feed supports healthy growth, feather quality, and efficient egg production, catering precisely to the needs of these small, yet productive birds.

We prioritize freshness. Our Quail Layer feed is purchased freshly ground and used within 30 days, guaranteeing maximum nutrient retention. This preserves essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins crucial for the health and vitality of Quail layers. Freshly ground feed aids in digestion, enhancing nutrient absorption and minimizing digestive issues.

Our Quail Layer feed’s formulation, devised by Fertrell, represents expertise and quality. Sourced largely from local Amish and Menonite farms, it promotes sustainability while supporting local agriculture. Our collaboration with a local family-run grainery ensures a personalized touch, with each batch expertly crafted to meet the unique needs of Quail layers.

For your convenience and sustainability, we sell our feed per pound, encouraging customers to bring their containers for purchase. Additionally, we offer convenient Food Grade Feed Buckets that customers can swap at every purchase, ensuring ease and reliability for our customers. One bucket holds about 30 lbs of feed.

By choosing our specialized Quail Layer Feed, you’re investing in the well-being and productivity of your Quail layers. It supports their immune system, feather health, and egg-laying capabilities, ensuring they flourish in a manner that aligns with their natural vitality. Our commitment to quality, freshness, and local sourcing guarantees your Quail layers receive the finest nutrition, fostering their health and long-term performance.

Complete feed for all Quail Layers past 8 weeks of age.


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