One Year of Eggs Investment


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DO NOT PURCHASE WITH CREDIT, CASH, VENMO, CHECK, ZELLE ONLY!  We cannot support credit card processing fees for this investment.

We are trying to expand our egg production to better support the community! Our current winter egg production is about 20 dozen a week, and we’d like to get that closer to 50.

But to scale up to many hundreds of chickens, it’s like starting from scratch.  New Large Egg-Mobiles, Nest Boxes, Egg Cleaners, Incubators, Brooders, and so on. We need 28 investors willing to pay $235 each to reach our goal of $6500 to pay for all of this. In exchange, you will get a dozen eggs per week for one year!

Do the math, that’s $4.50/dozen!  That’s the egg price of 2 years ago!  1 Year of Free Range, GMO Free, Soy Free, Heritage Eggs!  This is less expensive than every other discount option we offer!

We appreciate your trust in us, our product, and the support you have already provided us and our family.  We hope that we have consistently brought quality products to your dinner table.


This Investment entitles you to 52 dozen eggs inside a one year time.

You may invest in duplicates of the asking $235 in order to receive more than one dozen per week.

You may take more or less than 1 dozen weekly. Once you take 52 dozen, you will start paying the current rate per dozen.  If you do not use all 52 dozen in one year, you forfeit the remaining dozens.

Minimum total investment must reach $3000 or all money will be returned and the event will be canceled.  If the total investment reaches $3000 or more the project will move forward.

You may not start to collect your eggs immediately. It takes approximately 6 months for chicks to start laying consistent large eggs. You will be notified when you may start collecting the eggs you are entitled too.

In the event of a catastrophic event (predator event, weather event, ect) where we cannot produce enough eggs to met the promise to the investors, 50% of your money will be returned, over the course of 6 months. (This investment means a large potential profit to us for years to come, so we will do everything we can to protect your investment)


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