Microgreen Trays




Great for chickens in runs with no access to fresh grass!  Highly nutritious, GMO Free microgreen stems! And only $0.50 per tray measuring about 1.5′ x 8″.  A very inexpensive way of increasing the quality of your eggs and giving them that “free range” taste!

Comes in boxes of 6-10, please order accordingly.

These trays come from Finksburg Farms, which we also sell their great microgreens. These trays are the leftover stems, seeds, roots, and soil after microgreens are harvested.  Sometimes we also get trays with the full, unharvested microgreens, when Finksburg Farms does not sell all of them.

Note: Trays are available fresh Saturday mornings for the farm store. Any order placed during the week will be available for pickup starting Saturday 9am. If you preorder, we will divide them out as best we can. You may pick up at any time after 9 of Saturday, but the sooner the best for freshness.


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