Large Eggs


1 Dozen Eggs from Free Range Heritage Chickens raised on Grass and GMO Free feed.

Available on backorder




Its Winter Time!  Snow and Christmas are wonderful, but it also means less eggs.  Our chickens are TRULY free range, so they are affected by the weather and less hours of light.  Its normal! So order your eggs, and we’ll do the best we can to fill that order.  Thanks for understanding and supporting REAL farming!

Truly free range, non-GMO chicken eggs!  Our birds are on pasture 100% of their lives after they are 3 weeks old. They get themselves up, and put themselves away.  Our Livestock Guardian Dogs keep them safe, so the chickens can roam around our entire farm as they please.

Chickens have free choice access to high quality, certified GMO free feed from local Amish for the freshest, most natural feed possible.


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