Honey 1.5lb


1.5 lb Glass Jar – Turn your jar back in for $0.25 back, thanks for recycling!

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We read stories about the plight of the bees. With 2 nucleases in 2017 Burket Bees was born. Today we are proud to share out nectar. Our motto at BurketBees is “It’s all about the bees!”

Burket’s Bees is based in Finksburg and raises hives on Redemption Springs Farm as well as their home about mile away as the bee flies. Here on Redemption Springs we maintain our farm as a pollinator sanctuary.  We raise pollinator friendly flower beds, we well as clover in our fields which is healthy for the bees and the livestock.  We do not use ANY chemicals or anything that might harm the bees and other pollinators.  

Burket’s Bees is regularly jars new honey, so our farm store has the freshest honey available!

Jar returns: Each returned Mason Jar earns a $0.25 credit toward a future order.


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