Healthy Gut Healthy You




Healthy Gut Healthy You

Want to take your vitality and wellness to the next level? In this class you will learn the relationship between functional foods and gut health. You will be equipped with success strategies to incorporate into your daily routine to improve your overall well-being. Recipes and tips on making fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, pickles and sourdough bread will be provided.

Date: August 10th
Time: 11am
Length: 1 hour of teaching followed by Q&A
Cost: $10 per adult

Since 2005, Belinda Roettger, Ph.D. has been educating families on the importance of functional foods and health outcomes. Belinda grew up farming on her grandmother’s Indiana homestead alongside her family.  It was during this time she developed a keen interest in health and nutrition.  She attended Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN) where she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Food Engineering and eventually her Ph.D. Degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.  Following her passion to help others improve their health, she completed a post-doctoral research program at the Center for Basic Research in Digestive Diseases at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) where her research was funded by the National Institutes of Health and published in peer-reviewed professional journals such as the Journal of Cell Biology, Molecular Pharmacology, Journal of Neurochemistry and the Journal of Biological Chemistry.  After she and her young children experienced health challenges, she began studying the link between whole food nutrition and disease prevention.  Together with her husband, Tom, she shares what they have learned, promoting healthy lifestyles for families.

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