Ham Hocks


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Treasures can be found in some of the most unexpected places, right where the body of the hog lays over its legs is where the ham hocks provide a sweet spot for fatty meats can be found, try this exquisite part of the pork in your next fatty stew and be amazed by the results!

Try this great Recipe! – Ham Hocks Bourguignon

Although it is extremely recommended to blend in with leaner pieces for stews, you should also try it for soups and to include meaty bones into your soups and broths; with the best of two worlds, you can have all the texture and rich taste of near to bone meat with the benefits (and density) provided by its bone marrow, reason why it is also great for terrines recipes.

Also known as pork knuckles, the ham hock it is a nutritious ingredient that include around 14 grams of protein per portion, and it is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Free of hormones, antibiotics, steroids and with a rich and natural diet, the pork is raised from Rare Heritage breeds, including Red Wattle, Mulefoot and Large Black.


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