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The deep, savory flavor of crimini mushrooms (also called baby bellas) is the perfect addition of flavor and nutrition for any meal – from omelettes for breakfast, to salads at lunch, to skewers on the grill and in soups, they’re the most versatile of all the mushrooms – and they won’t shrink as much as white buttons when cooking!

Crimini Mushrooms are grown compost and peat moss on Honeymoon farm in Oxford, PA. From our farm right to your market, you can guarantee your mushrooms are fresh. No winding path from farm to packing room to warehouse to distribution hub to grocery store – right from us to you.

At a glance:

  • 1 pint mushrooms (about 1 lbs) in a paper bag for freshness
  • Deep, savory flavor and meaty texture
  • Slice, chop, saute, add to soups or stir fries, stuff with crab or mashed potatoes
  • For best results, use within 7 days of purchase

Cooking Tips:

These mushrooms are extremely versatile – slice and saute for omelettes, soups and sauces. Use whole on skewers for kebabs, or slice and use raw on salads. For preserving, try dehydrating, canning, freezing, or pickling.


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