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Price: 18+ $30 per person or $50 per couple, Children 12-17 participating in class $20, Children under 12 are free and welcome, but should be well behaved so as not to take away from the other participants. 

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How can you turn a low dollar item into a high dollar item? Do you remember when your Grandmother used to take a whole chicken down to its parts?  This skill is lost in today’s average household.  We now believe the marketers that we have to buy expensive chicken breast.

Do you know the difference between $2/lb supermarket whole chicken and $6/lb supermarket chicken breast? Time! It takes the same effort to raise the bird, but you are paying someone else to part out your chicken for you.  This is a luxury item we’ve been told we must pay for. 

In this class you will get hands-on experience in parting out a whole chicken into Breast, Tenderloin, Thighs, Legs, Wings and back. You will learn how to get exactly what you like in your chicken parts. Bone-in skin-on; or boneless skinless. Whole wings or party wings. Each cut can be done in different ways to suit your preferences. Save money, gain more food independence, or buy better chicken for the same price you are currently paying for cheap chicken. All it takes is a little work on your part.

This class is offered the day after the butchering class so that you can butcher a chicken one day and part it out the next day before freezing.

This class requires each participant to provide their own whole chicken.  $10 Class discount is offered if the chicken is pre-purchased from Redemption Springs. This cannot be combined with the butchering discount. This discount will be provided after the sale in refund to your credit card. 

Date: August 7th 2022

Time: 4pm – 5pm (inside with fans, no A/C) 

Length: 1 hour

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1 adult, 2 adults, 1 child


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