Canning 101 Class


Price: 18+ $35 per person or $60 per couple, Children 12-17 participating in class $20, Children under 12 are free and welcome, but should be well behaved so as not to take away from the other participants. 

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Have you been wanting to try your hand at canning, and home food preservation, but were not sure where to start? This is the class for you!

With over 20 years of canning experience Amy Vaughan-Roland unlocks the history, and mystery that surrounds home canning.

This class focuses on safe water bath canning methods for foods like tomatoes, peaches, jams, and much more! Together we’ll discuss the basic tools and tricks of canning high acid foods and you’ll be surprised to learn that most of the tools you need, are already in your kitchen.

The class includes a hands-on demonstration, extensive question and answer session, and each participant goes home with a course workbook you can use to get canning at home.

Summer isn’t over and there is still lots of time to put produce in jars to feed your family this winter!

Date: September 10th 2022

Time: 11am

Length: 1 hour of teaching and instructing followed by lengthy Q&A session

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1 Adult, 2 Adults, 1 Child, Take home your chicken for dinner


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