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Deposit on 100% Grass-Fed Black Angus. Final price will be $4.50/lb

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This is your opportunity to fill your freezer at a fraction of the retail cost of Grass Fed Black Angus Beef.  Made possible by our partner farms.  We offer full service wholesale. We will help you fill out the cut sheets so you get exactly what you want, get you a butcher date, transport the steer, and if the butcher is too far from you, help transport the meat too you.

Here is the breakdown of costs.

$4.50 per pound hanging weight, plus butcher fee is your total cost.

A typical steer hangs at 650 +/- pounds.  650 * $4.50 = $2925

Butcher fee is typically $800 +/- for a total of $3,725.

+/- 30% of the 650 lbs is lost in the butchering process after the bones and such are removed, leaving 455 lbs +/- of beef in your freezer.

$3,725 / 455 lbs = $8.18 +/- per pound for everything from Ground Beef to Prime Rib to Fillet Mignon.  A whole steer at full retail is $5,500, so wholesale give you a 30% or greater discount.

Take any of these numbers and divide them by 2 or 4 for estimated prices on Half or Quarter beef.  The butcher typically charges a small fee to half or quarter the steer if you are not reserving the entire steer.

If for whatever reason we cannot fulfill the reservation, a full refund of the deposit will be given.  Once the steer is at the butcher and a hanging weight has been given, full payment is expected.  At this point there will be no refund.

Full payment to Redemption Springs is required after hanging weight is given and before pickup from the butcher.  Full payment to the butcher is require at pickup.

Or reserve our Red Devon beef for this Fall!

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